Vip Hair Color Shampoo in Pakistan – 180 ML at Low Price in Pakistan
VIP Hair Color Shampoo in Pakistan has magnificent result of extensive research and analysis done by our trichology experts

Procedure of VIP Hair Color Shampoo in Pakistan
Wet your hands thoroughly. Please ensure your hair is completely dry without oil and dust. There are two different types of Vip Hair Color Shampoo In Pakistan present inside the container. Take the required amount of shampoo by pressing the nozzle over the wet hands and mix them well. Apply the mixture on your hair uniformly and massage the head thoroughly. Wash your hands within 3 minutes from the time of contact using soap or hand wash. Wait for 15 minutes. Then rinse your hair with adequate water.

Ingredients of VIP Hair Color Shampoo in Pakistan
Aqua, Para Pheneylene Diamine, Perfume, Monoethanolamine, Hydroxpropyl Methyl Collulose, Presorcinol, L- ascorbic acid, Propylene Glycol, Pearl extract, Metaminophenol, Butylated Hydreoxytoluene, 2.4 diaminophonoxyethanol dihyfrochioride,

Aqua, Ammoniym laureth Sulfate, Hydrogen Poroxide, ACrylates Coprolymer, Cocamidopropyl Botaine, Cocamido DEA, Saticytic Acid , Perfume

Allergy Test of VIP Hair Color Shampoo
Preliminary test of VIP Hair Color Shampoo Price in Pakistan should be done to identify whether your skin is prone to any sensitivity before doing the test. Remove the earrings. Take the product and apply behind the ear covering up to q Allow the product to dry for 48 hours. In between if your experience any swelling or itching or redness in the applied area. Don’t use the product. Do this test before every application of VIP Hair Color Shampoo in Pakistan. For External Use Only.