Hi , We need a reliable, trustworthy and responsible nanny and housekeeper from 07:00-5pm intermittent.
We will need you to wake the kids up, prepare them a simple breakfast, get them dressed and drop them to school at 8am, (15 min away by bus).
Then we need you to pick them up at 3:00pm, you will need you to change them out of their school clothes and into home clothes.

Must be kind, fun, punctual and extremely responsible. Ideally looking for someone who is active, has experience of helping with homework, can cook and likes dogs (we have 1 who will occasionally require walking).

They will need a snack and you will have to cook a simple meal, give them a bath , change into pyjamas. The hours are from 3-5pm

The housekeeping is required for 2 hours to be agreed upon, either after dropping the kids to school or before picking them up.

The housekeeping is just however much you can get done in the time and includes:

– laundry washed, dried, ironed , folded and put away into closets
– Dishwasher loaded and unloaded as required
– House vacuumed and mopped
– Tidying the house
– bathrooms
– putting away of grocery shopping
We offer Salary:$3500NZD per month