Dwells Betters

Our family we will like to discuss the possibility of having someone
become a help nanny childcare provider to our children here in London.

You will have to work 5 days in a week, 6 hours in a day, and 30 hours
in a week. you will be entitled to have a 2 days off duty in a week,
as your off days from work.

Your main duty is to make sure that the kids are well taking care of
this includes full care of the children like waking them up and
getting them ready for school, putting them to bed at the right bed
time, meal and snack preparation for the children, schedule and
implementation of age-appropriate activities and child’s development,
keeping the children’s room tidy and organized, and any other
children’s activities that might come up and see to their generally

kindly send us a copy of your resume/CV to dwellsfamily16@gmail.com for our family consideration.

The family is going to take care of your travel expenses.

Thank you very much, as we look forward reading from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Dwells