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Ezeanochie Amaka Princess


I want to tell this story to my fellow moms, so that whoever that is having similar problem should learn to take things easy with such kid in most cases.
I used to have a very dull kid. I mean academically he was very dull but verbally intelligent.
Every now and then the class teacher will call me to report that my son is so dull in the class but physically looks intelligent.
These reports of the class teachers will add up to my pain. This will keep bothering my mind. I will even try to teach him myself, all to no avail. In fact the reason they were promoting him in the class was because they were attending private schools. His position in class was 31 out of 35. I used to feel sorry for the remaining 4 pupils he passed in the class. Funny!
Every end of term when his siblings will be celebrating their positions in the class, he will stay one corner and be watching them.
There was a time I almost killed my son while I was teaching him and he was not following. That was the day I vowed never to teach or touch him again so that I don’t wound him out of anger.
Things was like this from nursery school through primary School. In fact he has to do extra extra lesson and narrowly passed common entrance exam. That is how he managed to enter secondary school 2016.
Listen to me as am talking to you now the story has changed. As he entered secondary school, it was like a magic but I call it a miracle.
My son is one of the best in the class now. In fact he takes 2nd or 3rd position in mathematics now.
I don’t know how to give this testimony because what am seeing now I cannot express it. His brain carry fire now. His junior Waec exam came out last month with 7As and 2 Cs.
I don’t know how God did it. I almost wrote my boy off despite he keeps telling me what he will be in life. But his poor academic performance scared a hell out of me. I could not believe him. But now I must confess, I believe him now.
Yesterday he told telling me he is going to study in Harvard university with scholarship, I was just laughing. The only thing I said to him was it is good to believe in yourself.

Moms in the house why am I telling this story today? Am saying this to encourage you in case you are having such a child, don’t give up! Keep trying and be praying too. You never can tell what God has in stock for him.
Today am a very happy mom! Those of his teachers that used to complain are now dumbfounded because they are very surprised. Everything is happening in the same school, I never changed him school because I know is not about school and is not the teachers fault too.

So please don’t give up. Keep encouraging him or her and leave the rest to God. He will perfect everything in His time.

Thanks for reading! Hope my story encouraged a mom out there.