Anand Manjrekar

I can help you …If you want to learn to make CONSISTANT return every month on intraday as well as positional trade

Consistency is important!

We have a mentorship program to teach you to trade with such consistency.

We trade along with you everyday by investing our capital in this 6 months mentorship.

And If we don’t make minimum 3 % return the month you join … we return back your fees

Generally our monthly returns span from 10 to 20%

Our course is for 5 to 7 sessions followed by 6 months mentorship

Fees for above is 4999/- with money back guarantee

Let me know if interested thank you..

(Note :- We are the only institute providing money back guarantee AND also trade along with you on the stocks under study everyday by putting our own money in them !)

We share our Profit & Loss ledger too as soon the trade is closed on the stocks under study everyday.